Early in the morning the first thing on your mind is a cup of coffee or tea which makes you feel fresh. Sugar and tea or coffee powder are the key ingredients, of which sugar adds calories. Increase in calories leads to weight gain and many common health issues. Obesity or weight gain a common problem faced by at least 1 in 2 people is due to over intake of calories. This is an accepted truth. Putting on weight is easy but getting back a lean and healthy body is hard. You see people trying a number of techniques one after another to keep their weight under control and most of them providing temporary effect.

 Scientists have done a lot of research on weight loss and came up with many strategies which include lifestyle changes, food change or diet plan changes, time of food intake, what to eat and what not to eat, physical exercise and many more. One such strategy is black tea. Are you wondering, heard of green tea and black coffee, but what is this black tea and how is this going to help in weight loss? Then to put an end to your enthusiasm we describe down here how black tea helps decrease weight.

 An antioxidant polyphenol present in green tea and black tea protect the cell structure of cell membranes and DNA. Both help in weight loss as they decrease the amount of gut bacteria that is responsible for obesity and increase the bacteria that helps in developing a lean body. Polyphenols of green tea alter liver metabolism as they are easily absorbed into blood stream and thus help in weight loss. While black tea through gut microbiome contributes to weight loss.

Green Tea Versus Black Tea:

Black tea promotes weight loss and also fastens metabolism. Scientists from University of California induced mice with 4 different diets, low-fat high-sugar, high-fat high-sugar, high-fat high-sugar and green tea extract and high-fat high-sugar and black tea extract for 4 weeks. Found out that the mice on diets including black tea and green tea lost same amount of weight due to decrease of Firmicutes gut bacteria responsible for obesity and increase of bacteroidetes gut bacteria that promotes lean body. It was also seen that mice on black tea showed rise of Pseudobutyrivibrio bacterium which targets metabolism.

The polyphenols of black tea stimulate production of short-chain fatty acids in gut that boost one’s metabolic rate and have a slimming effect on the waistline.

How Black Tea Helps Lose Weight:

Polyphenols of black tea alter energy metabolism of liver by changing gut metabolites. It altered gut microbiome levels that inhibit weight gain. Due to changes in intestinal microflora and gut metabolites energy metabolism also changes in liver and so promotes weight loss. Human gastrointestinal tract has many microorganisms called as microbiota or microbiome which are a combination of good and bad or harmful bacteria right from birth which help in development of immune system and also physiological and neurobiological functions.

As synthesized tea extracts are dangerous taking black or green tea is recommendable.

Taking at least 1 cup of black tea a day for 4 weeks can show a drastic change in your weight.

Disclaimer: It is better to consult your physician before making a change in your diet as it is proved that black tea brings a change in gut microbiome profiles.


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