Center in no hurry to open the flights for international travel:


India has been implementing the toughest lockdown amongst the world which is helping us to limit the spread of virus in all parts of India. As corona virus has landed in the country through Foreign Nationals, the decision to lift the ban on International travel also depends on the status of the disease outside the country. While there is a similar situation in the rest of the world, Indian Government is no sooner ready to open the airways for foreign travel not before July.

After Air India has opened its bookings for all domestic and few international routes on Saturday, the Ministry of Civil Aviation Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri tweeted on Saturday night that no decision has been taken yet to open airway domestically and internationally and advised airlines to refrain from their bookings until the Centre takes a call on it.

UPSC, SSC exams 2020 will not be cancelled:

UPSC, SSC exams which were put on hold due to COVID-19 lockdownwill be definitely held, says Centre. The Centre will take a call on UPSC, SSC exams after May 3 about rescheduling the dates and measures to be taken to help every aspirant in reaching their designated examination centers safely and on time.

The world is in a race to create a vaccine for corona virus. When could we expect it to be ready?

The corona virus spread has become unstoppable. As there isn’t a vaccine to prevent the disease, most part of the world has opted for lockdown to curtail the disease spread losing its economy like never before.

There are many groups across the world which are researching on designing the vaccine for novel corona virus. Usually it takes years or decades to develop a vaccine. But the research on novel corona virus vaccine is taking place at acceleration as it has and is creating apprehension about world’s economy and locked people indoors for months.

Australian group of scientists have started clinical trials in animals and hope to test humans by the end of April. Some research groups in Seattlehave announced clinical trials in humans last month and Oxford university scientists are starting human clinical trials also.

Though many groups have designed potential vaccines and also started clinical trials, but the efficiency of all these vaccines is still questionable.

However, experts say multiple doses of vaccine are likely to be available by first or second quarter of 2021.


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