We wish you a happy and wonderful Yoga day & Father’s Day.


Today is an important and notable day in 2020. Today is International yoga Day and Father’s Day.

 We wish you a happy and wonderful Yoga day & Father’s Day.

Yoga is not just another workout for your body; it is actually a scientific approach to keep your mind and body in good shape by controlling your breath. In fact Yoga is an ancient Indian way of controlling one’s own mind, staying fit and boosting up immunity.

According to Vedas, human life span and focus of mind are dependent on the breathing pattern which is why Pranayama (Breathing Exercise) is a supreme formula to keep you self-focused. Yoga is an evolution of Pranayama in the ancient Indian history which has given the world a drive to stay robust.

Currently, it is very critical to be invulnerable more than ever due to the prevailing pandemic which has resulted in untimely loss of many lives. So, apart from maintaining good hygienic practices in your life like washing or sanitizing hands, eating healthy food, wearing masks when you are out in public, etc. enhancing your immunity by regular practice of yoga is also crucial to fight the present situation.

Do not worry if you are a starter as there is a saying “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We wish you to start practicing Yoga starting today as we believe every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

Good practices are pivotal to have a healthy life.Here are some important yoga asanas to keep your body fit.

Manduk Asana:

Also called frog pose as the final position seems to be like frog. This asana increases flexibility of thighs and legs and reduces excess fat from the thighs.  This posture also helps in weight loss.  It reduces excess fat accumulated in your abdominal region.

Manduk Asana
Manduk Asana

Sit in vajrasana. Close both the fists and press thumb inside the fingers. Put the fists at the naval region, and inhale deeply. With exhale, bend forward.While bending forward, your chest should touch your thigh and see ahead with open eyes just like as frog. Maintain the pose as long as you can do.Inhale and exhale slowing while maintaining the pose.Come back to position slowly. Repeat it 3 to 4 times.


This is a headstand posture. This helps in increasing blood circulation to the brain which improves its function and memory. This posture also helps in weight reduction.


Sit in the vajrasana posewith your fingers interlocked. Slowly place your head in the hollow created by your palm. Gently lift your legs upwards and keep straight. Be in the position for 15 to 20 seconds. Repeat for 3 to 4 times.


This asana helps in improving digestion and getting rid of bloating and reduces constipation. Also helps in weight loss.


Sleep on your back and while inhaling slowly lift your legs until they form right angle with the ground. Bend both your legs at the knees and rest them against the abdomen. Make sure to keep the ankles and knees together. Bend your neck forward and place your chin on your knees.


Shalabasana is especially beneficial for backache and sciatica pain. This posture enhances total blood circulation in your body and helps in good bowel movement.


Lie on your belly and place your arms on either side of body. Slowly lift your legs without bending your knees. Hold the pose for a minute and then release.


This posture is also known as Bow pose. This asana helps in burning the belly fat at a faster rate. It also provides stretch to your hands and legs resulting in fat loss in arms and toned thighs.


Lie on your stomach and folding your knees, hold your ankles by your hands from behind. Pull your chest off the ground while pulling your legs up. Your body should now look like a bow.



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