World supports Boycott Made in China, Exit The Dragon


Why should we boycott Chinese products?

While the entire world is struggling to save its people and economy from unprecedented lockdown to contain Covid-19, china’s aggressiveness with itsneighboring nations including India has taken a serious dimension.Since 5 may, 2020 Chinese troops were involving in skirmishes and face-offs with Indian troops along the Himalayan border. The Chinese government is trying to take advantage of the current pandemic situation in India and the world.

Trade associations announce boycott of 3000 Chinese products.

The world community today believes and agrees with the fact that china has camouflaged the facts regarding miasmic effects of corona virus for a broad period of time which left the world unprepared resulting in untimely loss of 409,092 lives.

Another point that strengthens the aforesaid fact is that virus has crossed all the borders and swayed the entire world but couldn’t go beyond Wuhan in China. Now the whole world has shut its economy except the Chinese. China has also been rejecting calls for independent international investigation into the origin of corona virus.

The nations across the globe want to teach China a lesson. Many groups in US and Europe are suing Chinese under International Law for corona virus damage. Many companies are trying to move out of China to establish their manufacturing bases in India.

We as Indians also have the responsibility to extend our support to our country and soldiers fighting along the borders with China.

Let us also participate in “Boycott Made in China.”

Stop using Chinese mobiles, Chinese apps and products. We will endeavor to become more self-reliant and less Chinese dependent.

Follow Sonam Wangchuk’s proposal “Boycott software in a week and hardware in a year.”Avoidpurchasing Chinese mobiles and delete Chinese apps like TikTok, Share It, and Zoom etc. from your phone.

List of Chinese Mobile Brands:

  • Xiaomi
  • OPPO
  • Lenovo
  • One Plus
  • Vivo
  • Huawei
  • Coolpad
  • Gionee
  • Smartisan


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